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Scooter Rental Bangkok

K&P Living Service Co. Ltd. is a Thai-German company located in Bangkok, Thailand, that is specialised on providing services for foreigners. As a part of that, K&P runs a scooter rental in Bangkok. In addition, K&P i.a. provides assistance with finding desired apartments, condos and houses for rent.

Our Motorcycles

Scooter Rental Bangkok offers different bike types for rent in order to suit any specific purpose, from short trips in the crowded city center, to cruising tours all around Bangkok.

Our rental motorbikes come with European standards in regards of quality, maintenance and age, for safe and fun trips. As a part of that, we regularly exchange old bikes with new ones, change tires, brakes, fluids and do general checkups on our motorcycles.


Rent a motorbike in Bangkok

Hire a motorbike in Bangkok not only provides mobility and spontaneity, but also lets you discover Bangkok individually and to your own taste. Meanwhile, a bike saves time, which otherwise gets wasted in Bangkok's traffic jams, as well as money for taxis and public transports. A motorcycle is not only the allround means of transport, but also one of the cheapest.